Get the Most Out of Life: NET LIFE!

The Talk is OVER! The Lights are On! The Final Countdown has Begun!

Life Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (LCMO)®

DESCRIPTION: A NET LIFE LCMO® is a thirty (30) year fixed, low cost (average 4.5% APR) amortized mortgage which is available to all applicants over the legal age of eighteen (18).

MECHANICS: A NET LIFE LCMO® has only two (2) *requirements for which to qualify:

1. The Real Estate for purchase or refinance must be substantiated, and

2. The Applicant must qualify for a Life Insurance Policy (AMBest B+ or better)

* NOTE: Credit, Credit History, Legal History, etc. are not considered in the application process.

TERMS: All NET LIFE LCMO® mortgages are held under Deed of Trust. The LCMO® mortgage is secured by the real estate and the life insurance policy.

(Life Collateralized Debt Obligations (LCDO)® functions similarly to an LCMO®.)

NET LIFE Auto Lease Program®

DESCRIPTION: The NET LIFE Auto Lease Program® will provide two very new and essential elements to the auto industry:

For the Consumer: a no-hassle and direct opportunity to lease a new car every three (3) years making new vehicles available to all consumers regardless of their credit or credit history.

For the Auto Manufacturer: an opportunity to better gauge their production and sales, thereby, lending more time and attention to vehicle cost, quality, safety and service.

MECHANICS: The NET LIFE Auto Lease Program® works very much like the non-recourse NET LIFE LCMO® and LCDO® products, however, rather than leveraging real estate or other non-depreciating assets, the auto lease program creates an inverted LCDO® (Life Collateralized Debt Obligation) which takes into consideration the depreciating asset; an automobile. By inverting the depreciation of the vehicle over time (3 years), NET LIFE is able to creatively utilize the vehicle depreciation to maximize the LCDO® return, hence, providing consumers with a roll-over non-recourse auto lease for three (3) years at a time.


America’s Answer to Insurance.

Unconventional – Multi-Dimensional

Full Coverage of ALL Types of Insurance in One Non-Insurance Product.


1. NET LIFE provides the Customer with a “FUND” in the form of a fully-paid-up Life Insurance Policy

2. As the Customer needs monies for a “claim”, it is deducted from the “FUND”

3. All claims are handled / examined in accordance with current insurance regulations


1. Client requests $100,000 in total coverage (the “FUND”)

2. NET LIFE purchases a $100,000 Life Insurance Policy for the Client (100% paid by NET LIFE Financial)

3. Assuming the Client gets into an automobile accident which causes $5,000 in damages, it is taken-out of the $100,000 Face Amount of the Life Insurance Policy (the “FUND”) leaving $95,000 remaining


Auto, Motorcycle / Golf Cart, RV, Watercraft, Commercial Auto, Life, Health, Disability, Dental, Identity Theft, Pre-Paid Legal, Restaurant, Garage, Business Owners Program, Workers Comp, Home Owner, Mobile Home, Renters, Travelers, Condo, Flood, Wind, Hurricane, …and more.

NET LIFE ALL-in-ALL® products are intended to be combined with a NET LIFE LCMO / LCDO Mortgage or Lending Product. Free-Standing ALL-in-ALL® opportunities are available on a limited basis. One Time Annual Administration Fee applies (payable monthly). 5% Claim Processing Fee per Incident. NET LIFE ALL-in-ALL® is not insurance. NET LIFE Financial is not an insurance company.